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I have been involved in the software industry for over 30 years and during this time I have been exposed to a constant stream of new and emerging technology, some of which has been extremely progressive. It was only upon an introduction to Intact iQ that a new technology actually overwhelmed me, showcasing the sheer power, potential and solution that Intact iQ could provide, not only to TNG as a new revenue stream, but to the wide network of clients we have across North America. With Intact iQ, not only have we found a new flagship product which is going to dramatically increase TNG’s market share, we’ve found a revolutionary system that will allow us to confidently provide our valued clients with a solution that we are 100% confident will meet all of their individual needs and provide the comfort of longevity and scalability. Intact iQ is the solution driven software that will allow TNG to dramatically grow across multiple market verticals and across North America.

Stephen Simmons, Founder and CEO, TNG VOS Inc

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