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The end of 2012 saw big tech stories come fast and furious, some of which meant something and others... well, what did you think?

  • Windows 8. Blackberry 10. iPhone 5. The numbers made a big splash this year.
  • Virtual found itself manifest in bricks and mortar with both Microsoft and Apple looking to win the hearts of consumers on the storefront level. 3D printing - everyone's favourite new pastime. What will it mean for offices?
  • Lots went on in the photo app front: Instagram scandals led to big openings for Flickr, and the rise of Eyeem and S Pinterest launched business pages, and seemed to be doing it as easily and effectively as it cornered the market on 30-something-year-old women.
  • Everyone was obsessed with Big Data. (Who wants to weigh in?)
  • And everyone brought their own devices to work (BYOD), creating all new connection and security issues to ponder and troubleshoot.
  • Speaking of - everyone seems to have put out their own tablet now: from Apple to Microsoft to the convertible laptop-cum-tablets.
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