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What to Ask Your Future IT Partner

Finding the right IT partner is pivotal to your company’s competitiveness in the ever-changing technology-driven world. The selection process can be a hard task, especially if you have to consider your organization’s budget constraints. True enough, IT resources can get expensive if you want to get the best provider in the industry.

To help you narrow down the list of prospective IT partners, there are a few questions to keep in mind when you’re screening candidates.

What services are included in the package?

IT support providers offer several service packages, from the basic plan to comprehensive bundles. You should have a good idea about the scope of IT support your organization requires. If you’re running a tight ship such as an e-commerce site or an outsourcing company, 24-hour service is crucial to work against issues that may affect your daily business processes. Otherwise, you don’t need to pay for on-call IT support that you don’t need. Ask the provider to describe each of the services listed in the service agreement before signing. Everything must be written down in detail.

How do you reward loyal clients?

How does the IT provider value your business? Don’t fall prey to marketing ploys that merely say that you’re a valued client. If you’re looking to enter a long-term partnership, look for rewards like discounts or valued-added services to sweeten the deal.

How well do you keep tabs on my network?

Knowing every workstation and the applications each employee uses is part of the IT support provider’s role. They should keep an updated inventory of all the assets with regards to the client’s network. Otherwise, it would be difficult to diagnose issues without full knowledge of the hardware and software being used.

Can you anticipate a problem before it even happens?

A good IT vendor maintains a proactive stance to ward off catastrophic problems before they even happen. They consider their work to go beyond answering calls for tech support. If they can recognize and eliminate potential hazards in your IT operations, then they’re worth the investment.

How often will I hear from you about the status of my systems?

The responsible IT support provider will always keep the client in the loop through periodic reports of your service history. You don’t have to guess how things are going if you haven’t heard a word from your provider in weeks. Vendors should also be able to explain to the organization the course of action they take to maintain your IT infrastructures.

And as IT support companies are your partners in increasing efficiency in business through fail-proof technology, they must have the ability to identify opportunities for bigger ROI and not just limit themselves to addressing issues over the phone.

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