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TNG Service Desk+

We install a small agent on each of your desktops, laptops and servers in order to deliver a long list of services, including the following features.

Remote Support

Our web-based, integrated IT management platform delivers a complete, fast and secure live remote access and remote control solution. This enables our technicians to remotely troubleshoot and manage your computers regardless of their location.

Asset Inventory

With our network audit and inventory capability, tracking every system and software detail becomes simple, efficient, and reliable no matter where your machines are located.

Systems Monitoring

Critical to the security, network performance and the overall operation of your organization, TNG Service Desk Plus offers proactive monitoring of servers, workstations, remote computers, Windows Event Logs and applications.


Powered by the powerful Kaspersky Labs antivirus engine, Antivirus for Windows workstations and servers provides complete endpoint protection from dangerous attacks and malicious software all managed from a central web-based console.


Quickly detects, destroys, and blocks malicious software. Every process is monitored and malicious processes are stopped before they even start. Scanning and real time protection use advanced scanning technology to keep systems safe and secure against even the latest malware threats.

Scheduled Maintenance

With a basic automated routine maintenance schedule on your workstations and servers, your systems will run more smoothly and operate at their peak performance potential.

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