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Intact iQ is ERP and Business Management Software. Browse our brochures to learn more about the extended features of this powerful product.

ERP and Business Management Software

Creating Business Advantages

Intact iQ is our latest & most technically advanced all-in-one business management/ERP software solution. For over 20 years we have been serving the needs of businesses in the wholesale, distribution, manufacturing, service & retail industries.


Intact IQ Brochure

Different by Design

Intact iQ could be the first and last system you ever need to buy. This would make it the best long-term investment you could make with a ROI that is hard to beat.


Integrated Business Intelligence

How Intact iQ BI will benefit your business

Gathering, storing, analyzing and accessing information is critical to an organization's success. With this in mind we have included business intelligence capabilities throughout the system, not simply as an additional module. Delivered as standard, intact iQ's business intelligence enables you to completely micro-manage your business with an impressive set of system-wide features integrated throughout the software. All you need to decide is what you want to do with it.


Integrated Customer Relationship Management

How Intact iQ CRM will benefit your business

Customer Relationship Management is an essential part of modern-day business management. As an integrated feature of Intact iQ, the Customer Relationship Management module is not simple a contact management system but a complete marketing tool for your business.


Integrated Financial Management

How Intact iQ financials will benefit your business

The intact iQ Financials contain all the traditional functionality you would expect in a business management software package. What makes it different is the additional features you get as standard – workflows, dashboards, schedule reporting, security policies, complete audit trails and a whole lot more.

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