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Database Management

When it comes to database design and management TNG team is ready to help. We have vast knowledge in large data, optimization, deployment process design, data protection and optimization. We're ready to work directly with your team onsite or remotely the choice is yours.

Fluent Transition

Our Canadian based database administrators will customize, upgrade and integrate your new and existing systems to your specifications and always to your satisfaction. We can work with your architect and development teams to ensure solutions are

Cost Effective Maintenance

By utilizing your customized coverage, be it remote or on site, our teams allow you the flexibility to quickly ramp up or seek out specialized expertise when and only when you need it. The TNG database teams are comprised of very senior to junior members and each task is assigned to the most appropriate asset making your investment as close to optimal as you can.

Customized Solutions at a ROI that is not possible with in-house FTE’s

With TNG, you get what you want, at the best price possible. Our team members are available when you want and where you want. But best of all there usage is optimized to meet your schedule while keeping unproductive time to a minimum, something that is just not possible with in-house assets. Call us today to discuss your unique situation and how we can alleviate the bottlenecks to a successful project completion.

Optimized Performance

Our certified database administrators and system engineers are available to analyze, diagnose and repair everything from your application layer to the physical layer of your infrastructure. Logical network to the infrastructure in your data centre to your hybrid cloud solution, our experts have the knowledge and industry certifications to get your systems running the way you envisioned them. By project or retainer, our teams are ready.

System Availability

Your database is the heart of your business. Without proper monitoring, optimization, and proactive repairs, your system is in danger of slowing down or going down. The TNG database administration team is available when you are. Canadian based and fronted by our 24x7x365 customer support centre, the TNG database administrators and systems engineers can be easily integrated into your team either remotely or on site. Retainer based or by the hour, our team is ready to assist.

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