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IT Support

The only question is where? Whether it’s on-site IT Support, working within your operation, alongside your staff. Or remote IT Support, from a Wi-Fi connected white-sand beach in Costa Rica (we wish), we’re always there for you.

Desktop Support

We provide a comprehensive IT support package that gives you the expertise when you need it while allowing you the best possible retainer based pricing for your business. As a Microsoft Gold partner we support any Microsoft based platform or product from SharePoint to Windows 8 to SQL and everything in between. Of course our expertise is not limited to the Microsoft platform, we have been partnering with Apple for almost as long as Microsoft and are experts in the creative side of the work force with extensive experience in all Adobe products and suites.

Server Support

Away from the desktops, we excel in server virtualization, SANs, firewalls and routers partnering with major vendors such as Cisco, Barracuda, SonicWall and Microsoft. Back in ’94 our mantra was “We will take care of everything plugged into your wall”. Today that is basically still the case, except your wall has expanded in the past twenty years to include co-location data centres, cloud based offerings and mobile (including BYOD) and we can help you support it all. Give us a try, you won’t be disappointed.

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