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IT Strategy

BYOD, Hybrid Cloud, Private Cloud, Public Cloud, BCP/DR SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, Patriot Act, PRISM, NSA, Bleeding Heart, ???? I NEED HELP!

Why IT Strategy is Important

Relax. It can be confusing out there, often quite scary. All you are trying to do is what is best for your business but you are being bombarded with acronyms, dire warnings and sales people trying to sell you the next great thing. We see this every day, IT is usually a necessary evil in the minds of most and something to ignore or put off until something goes horribly wrong. When the unthinkable does happen, and it will, questions are asked, assumptions from the past come forward to meet disappointment and the lack of an IT strategy is front and centre.

What Path to Take?

At this point the business will usually take one of two paths; reactionary or a move to a proactive approach to IT. This is where we can help. Of course we can provide the reactionary patch and do the usual break/fix solutioning that almost any small IT shop can provide but we excel in the second approach. We look at the long term and get the business on an IT footing that is stable and allows for future growth without massive commitments in solutions, hardware or manpower. TNG will create a plan that maximizes flexibility, minimize vendor lock-in, lowers or eliminates CAPEX and create a better ROI on your overall IT investment. In short, we make IT a strategy instead of a cost centre in your business. Give us a call today for a free consultation on your business, its future and how IT is going to impact it, good, bad or otherwise.

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