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Welcome to TNG

A different kind of IT company. We are Toronto-based IT firm established in 1994 with a long-standing roster of clients, Microsoft designation and a knack for helping organizations use innovative technology to succeed.

Beyond IT

Change is good, when handled well. Whether you’re expanding or simply moving beyond clumsy legacy technology, a strong IT partner knows how to realize your objectives carefully, minimizing disruption and maximizing your speed to market.

Beyond the Basics

Forget day-to-day software installations and hardware trouble-shooting. In today's economy, your IT partner should be an exciting strategic resource providing you with the vision, creativity and expertise to capitalize on new trends and emerging technologies.

Beyond the Ground

Progressive organizations work with their IT partner to create customized, cost effective and flexible cloud solutions that deliver real results and true value.

Beyond Geek-Speak

You shouldn't need a degree from MIT to make a technology decision. An effective IT partner learns your business and speaks your language, translating the complexities and gobbledygook of the technical world into real words and smart advice.

Beyond Reactive

Technology, though wonderful, has vulnerabilities. A strong IT partner knows how to spot and Pre-empt potential IT hazards before they happen, helping you avoid pain and lost productivity. And when "IT hits the fan", a good partner is already on hand to fix IT, fast.

TNG Cloud Workspace™

Rise Above

TNG Cloud Workspace™ is a managed Hosted Virtual Workspace solution providing secure, high-performance access to your business applications and data from any internet connection with the reliability, security, performance, and support of a Fortune 500 IT organization.

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