TNG Cloud Workspace

Since the early 2010s TNG started to go all-in with our cloud strategy, we moved away from on-site IT support and started to build out cloud offerings centered around our flagship product; TNG Cloud Workspace (TNG CWS).  An all-Canadian hosted and supported virtualized workspace that takes your entire IT infrastructure and moves it into the cloud.  Servers, firewalls, security, desktops and all the software your company uses.  Software like Office 365 and over 2,000 off the shelf Windows based products plus your custom solutions developed in house.  Our platform hosts all your software needs inside your private TNG CWS environment housed in a tier 3 Canadian Data Centre. 

Using TNG CWS as our flagship product, we concentrated on making it the best in the industry, partnering with CloudJumper, Microsoft, eFolder and DUO we built a highly secure platform that can pass the most detailed security and compliance audits in virtually any vertical in Canada.  We built a Canadian solution for Canadian business centered around data security.

From encryption of your data at rest as well as in transit to auditable encrypted files transfer protocols via Microsoft Outlook, our Canadian solution has you covered.  Of course, we back it up with industry leading cyber breach insurance but we also protect your data from things like ransomware as a standard part of our TNG CWS security package.

TNG CWS is deployed for many Canadian verticals including Insurance, Finance / Accounting, Manufacturing, Professional Services, and Health Care and we are so confident in our offering that there are no long-term contracts.  We offer our platforms on a per user / per month basis for maximum flexibility on head count.  Dropping your headcount is as easy as a notification to our support team, the next month your invoice reflects the smaller user count, try that with long-term hardened laptops as your security solution.  So before jumping into a restrictive three-year contract for last generation security solutions, try us out.  Once you do, we guarantee you think twice about long-term contracts based on physical hardware / security solutions offered as an alternative to our high security platform.