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Promeric Technologies Inc. and TNG Financial Software Announce Strategic Partnership

Partnership allows the integration of Promeric Ascend and TNG Cloud Workspace into a comprehensive cloud based platform for the Canadian Bankruptcy Trustee Industry.

BURLINGTON and LONDON ONTARIO, CANADA — July 9, 2019.   TNG Financial Software Inc., a leader in Canadian cloud solutions is very pleased to announce we have entered into a strategic partnership with Promeric Technologies Inc.  This partnership will allow Trustees to utilize TNG’s Canadian based Workspace as a Service platform (TNG Cloud Workspace) to access their business applications, including Promeric’s industry leading bankruptcy trustee software, Ascend.

With this partnership, TNG will immediately be able to offer trustee firms a cloud based, highly secure platform that offers:

  • A simple and easy to use user interface
  • Reduced server and other IT infrastructure costs
  • Secured access to applications and data from any internet-connected device:
  • PC, laptop, tablet or mobile, Apple or Microsoft
  • Automated backup and recovery through world class Canadian data centers
  • Elimination of complex data privacy and other information security challenges
  • Enhanced productivity that allows Promeric customers and their employees a flexible workspace
  • Fully integrated with Microsoft Office 365 software and email solutions
  • Compliance based security solutions included:
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Data Encryption at rest and in transit
  • Encrypted FIPS certified file transfer solution between Promeric clients and customers / suppliers
  • Versioning control and auditing on all files
  • Tier 3 Canadian Data Centres

According to Stephen Simmons, President of TNG Financial Software Inc.;

“With over 3,000 applications certified to run inside TNG Cloud Workspace, including tight integration with Office 365, the partnership to bring the Ascend software into TNG Cloud Workspace is a big win for the Bankruptcy Trustee industry in Canada.  Offering Ascend in TNG Cloud Workspace brings an easy and secure solution to companies that want to get out of buying expensive servers, long-term support contracts and eliminate the worry of customer data residing on laptops that are susceptible to theft or confiscation by border security officials around the world.  Keeping their sensitive data secure inside Canada makes this a very attractive offering.”

For more information please contact:

TNG Financial Software Inc.

Ben Perry


[email protected]


Promeric Technologies Inc.

Travis Weare

1.905.948.1777 ext. 234

[email protected]

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Tuesday July 9, 2019

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Are the Canadian risk / compliance based industries ready for the cloud?

TNG Financial Software Inc

As reported via Marketwired on January 13, 2015; 46% of the Canadian accounting firms surveyed, feel in the not too distant future they can “foresee a time when my company works 100 per cent through online and collaborative tools.”

So is this the one of the final frontiers of cloud acceptance? Are the Canadian risk / compliance based industries ready for the cloud? Is the cloud ready to give them what they want?

As reported via Marketwired on January 13, 2015; 46% of the Canadian accounting firms surveyed, feel in the not too distant future they can “foresee a time when my company works 100 per cent through online and collaborative tools.”

So is accounting, along with finance, insurance, legal and medical that make up a large portion of the risk / compliance based vertical in Canada, looking for a solution that hits all their pain points as it relates to customer interaction via the cloud? I think so. As reported in the attached news release, Canadian accountants surveyed crave the cloud based tools and platforms to enable them to be more of a trusted advisor to clients but very few of them have adopted any (only 37% versus 55% in the US). Why the lag in Canada? What is holding back Canadian accountants and possibly other Canadian based risk / compliance groups? Are they more risk adverse? Is it just the “conservative Canadian way of doing business? Are they leery about their cloud systems being supported off-shore and thereby exposing their client’s data to unknown entities in 3rd world countries? Or possibly an even worse scenario; access by US government agencies via the Patriot Act? Lots of questions, but in my opinion no real options or solutions given in the news release by this US based cloud Software Company.

All too often, we see solutions via cloud based apps such as Salesforce or Sage data cloud that while they might address a singular discipline or possibly a few multiple disciplines via hooks, we never see them coming out with a solution that allows a company to keep their existing software solutions with their unique customizations. It is always you the customer that these providers insist conform to their platforms, not the other way around. I think this is wrong.

Coupled with that is the desire here in Canada for a highly secure solution that is based in Canada, hosted in Canada and fully supported in Canada. Something very few offer.

That is why TNG Networks began offering TNG Cloud Workspace. A Canadian based highly secure virtual desktop and server environment that is easy to use from virtually any device. TNG Cloud Workspace, hosted in one of the most secure data centres in Canada with ALL of the customer support systems from implementation to 1st level all the way to 3rd level support situated inside Canada. A customer’s data never leaves Canada or maintained by any systems technician outside of Canada, it is protected from theft, loss or destruction by TNG’s BCP (Business Continuity Plan), in short it is a solution that takes the pain and worry away from the risk / compliance based industry here in Canada.

Never again would a risk / compliance based consultant have to worry about their customers data being lost on a stolen laptop or destroyed while sitting in an on premise server. The pain points that block the Canadian based risk / compliance consultant moving to the cloud is removed with TNG Cloud Workspace.

It’s time Canadian accountants along with their counterparts in all the risk / compliance based industries get the tools to expand their practice by using Canadian based platforms such as TNG Cloud Workspace.

It’s time for the Canadian risk / compliance industries to catch up to their US counterparts.